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Photo by Marilyn Ferguson 2002

The life size figure of Jesus Christ protrudes mysteriously from a knotted growth in an old tree in the tiny Roman Catholic Cemetery located in Quincy, Illinois (pop. 40,000) which is nestled in West Central Illinois along the Mississippi River.

The phenomenon was first discovered by a cemetery worker a few years ago. He stood in awe upon making the discovery and kept the secret to himself for several days before sharing it with others. The miraculous image cannot be fully appreciated unless one stands at a certain distance and angle thereby explaining why the figure had not been discovered earlier.

Both the Quincy Herald-Whig newspaper and KHQA television station ran stories on it and provided coverage. When word got out people flocked to the cemetery to see the spectacular site. According to Ruby Cookson, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Cemetery Association nearly 2,000 people were visiting daily and in a very short time, the guestbook located next to the tree had acquired over 30,000 signatures however many people visiting did not sign. As of July 1998 there were signatures from 48 states including Alaska and Hawaii and 20 foreign countries.

A fence was placed around the tree to provide some protection because people were peeling pieces of bark from the tree to take home as souvenir's. There was also concern because the grounds around the tree had been worn bare by the many thousands of visitors who visited each week.

People have hung crosses on the image, others have laid bouquets of flowers at the foot, and some have gone so far as to leave stuffed animals.

The first time I visited the site..... I immediately saw what everyone had been talking about. Here was a life size figure of Jesus embedded within a huge knot in an old tree. One can quickly see the image of Jesus cradling what appears to be a lamb. The head of the lamb is visible directly above the folded arms of Jesus. Jesus is attired in a long robe and has a staff beside Him which seems to be leaning on the right side of the tree. It was very obvious to me that the tree has been untouched as far as anyone trying to alter its make up in order for it to appear the way it does.

Has it evolved through natural means or perhaps through some divine intervention? Feelings are varied but most walk away with a lingering thought in their minds and that is the figure of Jesus does seem to be outlined in the bark and protruding from the knot of the tree.

One of the notes that stood out in the guestbook was that of a mysterious fellow who visited on Sept. 05, 1998.

Could this man have been an angel???? Please take a moment to read the words he wrote as shared with me by Ruby Cookson, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Cemetery Assn. in Quincy, Illinois.


9/5/98 "Teach repentance and the remission of sin in this country that has turned its back on God (even to the point of condoning same sex marriages). I tell you to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. This vile pervertedness will be dealt with by the hand of God. God said, "if you belong to me, you will bring up My name."

Without delay seek Jesus Christ more than you have ever considered doing so. Understand the only power the devil has is the power you give him. God doesn't care about yesterday. Come to His Son with true repentance today. If you continue putting Him off, you will surely go to Hell.

God said to take a strong stand against evil, so do it! Sometimes love requires correction. Be gentle and be firm with God's law and understand there is no middle place. You are either for or against Our Lord. Pray for all the world that they may seek Jesus. Condemn no one but understand there is no middle place. You are either for or against Our Lord. Pray for all the world that they may seek Jesus. Condemn no one but understand a time may come when you need to kick the dust from your feet.

Love, Peace & Calm A homeless man with an Angel
Wayland, Mo.











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